Mist Collection & Mist Collectors

Sentry Air Systems’ Mist Collection line features units that are designed to filter and collect oil mist, water mist, and other coolant mist present in CNC machining or tooling. Uncollected coolant can cause slippery shop floors and oil-coated walls that can create safety hazards and increased maintenance. Sentry Air’s Mist Collectors are engineered to conveniently mount to existing machinery without costly alterations. These efficient systems include a washable MIST filter, activated carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter and utilize a unique process of collecting and recycling the coolant mist back into the enclosed machinery. Sentry Air’s Mist Collectors offer high efficiency, low power consumption, low maintenance, quiet operation and economical installation and usage.


Recommended Exposure Limits for Mineral Oil Mist

OSHA PEL: 5 milligrams per cubic meter (5 mg/m(3)) of air as an 8-hour time weighted average (TWA). [29 CFR 1910.1000, Table Z-1]

NIOSH REL: 5 mg/m(3) as a TWA up to a 10-hour workday and 40-hour workweek. 10 mg/m(3) as a 15-minute short-term exposure limit (STEL). [NIOSH 1992]

ACGIH TLV: 5 mg/m(3) for an 8-hour workday and 40-hour workweek.  15 minute STEL of 10 mg/m(3), not to be repeated more than 4 times a day and should be separated by intervals of at least 60 minutes. [ACGIH 1994, p. 28]