Mr. Luke Turner, Ph.D.
Staff chemist, technical sales

At Sentry Air Systems, one of the ways we serve our customers is by providing air filtration solutions for harmful chemical fume and vapor. Due to the volatility and health concerns associated with chemicals and solvents, Sentry Air utilizes the expertise of our on-staff Ph.D. Chemist, Mr. Luke Turner, to help customers receive the most appropriate air cleaner for their application.

Mr. Turner’s role as on-staff chemist and technical sales associate is a valuable resource for our customers. His assessment of chemical applications includes evaluating potential hazards or reactions, and determining air volume and filter media for effective containment of chemical and solvent vapor.

In addition to consultations, Mr. Turner leads our chemical efficiency testing department. At Sentry Air we stringently test our filter media against a variety of chemicals. Mr. Turner’s research abilities and laboratory experience allow him to write technical test protocols and then conduct the tests at our internal lab. Samples are sent to a third party lab for analysis and Mr. Turner analyzes the data then publishes a full report on our website.

“To effectively design rational filtration systems for chemical applications, we partner with customers to determine not only their existing chemistries, but how these may change in the future .” – Mr. Turner

Education & Experience

  • BS – Chemistry, University of Evansville
  • MS – Chemistry, Illinois State University
  • Ph.D. – Chemistry, Purdue University
  • Visiting Research Fellow ‘03-‘06 – University of Bath
  • Over 18 years of experience in the field of chemistry
  • Started at Sentry Air Systems, October 2013