Laboratory Fume Extractors

Respiratory safety engineering controls can improve safety and increase productivity for a wide variety of processes that are performed in laboratories. Sentry Air Systems offers negative and positive pressure fume extraction and air purification that can assist, and may be required, in a wide selection of applications for laboratory fume control. Typical uses include chemical fume control, pharmaceutical powder containment, biological processes, sterile applications, tissue culture, titration processes, and a variety of additional applications that produce unwanted or hazardous fumes, dusts, and vapors.

The majority of Sentry Air's laboratory fume extraction equipment is ductless, which eliminates the need for costly external ducting and replacement air. These systems can be easily integrated with existing lab space and can be transported without difficulty if renovations are needed. Available configurations include benchtop units, laboratory fume hoods, floor and portable models, wall-mounted units, and customizable fume extractors.

Sentry Air's laboratory fume extractors are equipped with high-quality filtration media which is selected dependent upon the application being performed. Typical filtration media options include HEPA, ASHRAE, ULPA, Activated Carbon, and specialty-blended media like Aldehyde, Mercury, Ammonia, and Acid Gas filters.