Trying to fit 26 hours into a 24-hour day? Consider a Quick Change Pre-Filter.

When multiple projects are happening at once and deadlines are approaching, the last thing you want to do is stop the flow of production to change the pre-filters on your air purification systems.

If you need a fast and easy solution, consider upgrading your unit with a Sentry Air Systems (SAS) Quick Change Pre-Filter (QCPF).

A QCPF is an optional accessory that allows simple and direct access to the pre-filter chamber; making it five times faster to change pre-filters than on a standard unit*.

The Importance of Pre-Filters

At SAS we offer three main types of pre-filters:

Filter Type
MERV Rating
MERV 11 11
Pre-Filter Pad (PFP) 8
Carbon Pre-Filter Pad (CFP) 7

When changed regularly, pre-filters protect and extend the life of the main filter by capturing large particulates.

Pre-filter pads are especially useful for welding, grinding, powder filling, spraying, and heavy particulate applications.

For moderate to heavy users, a pre-filter pad may need to be changed as often as once a week depending on hours of usage. SAS Technical Sales Representatives are able to assist with appropriate preventative maintenance schedules.

Changing a Pre-Filter

Pre-filters are very important to the overall functionality and longevity of a Sentry air purifier.

But in a high-production facility, replacing them may feel time-consuming even if only 10 minutes are required.

Close up of the Quick Change Pre-Filter shown on a Model 300 air cleaner.

Low Cost Upgrade. High Value Results.

Priced at $136 the QCPF makes changing a pre-filter five times faster than on a standard unit*, and eliminates the hassle of removing and re-inserting the main filters.

A QCPF is available on any Sentry Model 300, 400/450 and includes two clamps, a cover and pre-filter chassis insert, which can either come installed on a new unit or a user can retro-fit it to an existing unit.

By opening the clamps and removing the cover the user is able to bypass the main filters and gain direct access to the pre-filter — resulting in less hassle, easy maintenance and greater efficiency.

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*Based on internal testing     

Product Spotlight: Adjustable Table Stand for Supporting Flexible Fume Extraction Arm

The Sentry Air Systems Adjustable Table Stand [Model # SS-000-ATS] is the
perfect accessory for slightly raised welding processes performed on a table or
in a vise. It allows operators to position the flexible hose of a fume extractor
at varied heights from the welding table.

As welders move their torches to different areas, they can use the adjustable stand to position the extractor hood precisely where welding fumes are being released, helping to create a safer working environment.
Adjustable Height Stand being used with a Model 400 Portable Fume Extractor with Flexible Hose.
High-powered magnets securely hold the carbon steel stand to the table. The stand’s horizontal platform is vertically adjustable from 1.125 to 24 inches, which provides maximum flexibility for most welding jobs.

This accessory is typically used with Sentry Air Systems Model 300 Portable Floor Fume Extractor, Model 400 Portable Floor Fume Extractor]. The magnetized capture hood on this hose allows the inlet to be strongly secured to the steel platform for hands-free operation.


Magnetic Capture Hood of 6-Inch Python Hose (can be securely placed on the horizontal platform of the adjustable table stand for hands-free fume control)
The Sentry Air Systems Adjustable Table Stand can also be used for a variety of additional applications including powder-based processes, soldering, and an array of other operations that emit particulate.


For information on welding fume extraction units and accessories, give us a call at 1.800.799.4609, email us at, or fill out this simple
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to have a Sentry Air Systems’ Applications
Specialist contact you to discuss your process.